Tally Weijl starts take-back program for used clothes and shoes

The Basel textile retail company Tally Weijl is further expanding its cooperation with the recycling service provider I:CO. Part of the Soex Group, the company specializes in collecting, sorting, reusing and recycling used textiles and shoes and will help Tally Weijl give a second life to clothes worn across Europe.

From the beginning of 2023, customers can return discarded clothing and shoes to all Tally Weijl branches in Switzerland and France as part of the take-back system; further branches in other EU countries are to be added in the course of the year.

Shoes and clothing in any condition, from any brand are welcome

Shoes and clothing are collected in every condition and from every brand. Customers receive a voucher for a 10 percent discount on their next purchase for the clothes they donate. The clothes that are collected and sorted are either used to make second-hand clothes or recycled.

“With the in-store take-back systems, I:CO and Tally Weijl not only provide a convenient solution for disposing of clothing items sustainably, but also draw attention to the value of used clothing in a low-threshold manner. Because raw materials such as old clothes are valuable goods that should not simply be thrown away pointlessly, but should be used sensibly,” comments Tally Weijl in a statement.

The company has also set up I:CO boxes at its headquarters in Basel to collect textile remnants and old samples.

“For I:CO, this partnership is a further step in offering end consumers around the world a free, simple and sustainable solution to dispose of garments sensibly and thus save them from incineration or polluting landfills. Together, I:CO and Tally Weijl want to keep used textiles 100 percent in the product cycle through extensive sorting and recycling processes – and thus conserve resources and avoid waste,” explains I:CO.