Talk show in the dark on television? Angela de Jong likes it

Angela de Jong would find it interesting to try out a talk show in the dark on television. “I noticed that it did something to me. That it made me more open.”

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Nikkie de Jager refuses a lot of TV jobs, but has now started her own podcast: Lightless Lounge, in which she sits in the dark with her guests. Angela de Jong also visited and revealed for the first time how much money John de Mol actually offered her. He donated about 800 thousand euros.

Angela in the dark

All in all, Angela liked that interview in the dark. “I thought it was very funny to notice that it really does something to you when you sit in pitch darkness. I also noticed that I had a strong tendency to close my eyes while talking. But it is also as if you are having a kind of conversation with yourself,” she says in the AD Media podcast.

She continues: “It makes you a little more open-minded and you also go back into yourself a little more. At some point you think: oh well, what the heck, they’ll just write another lame piece about those three quotes I give. I really thought it was an experience.”


It is one of the nicest interviews Angela has given, she says. “I liked it very much. I think we chatted for an hour and a half to two hours about everything in the television world. I liked her too.”

Should this also be on television? “I would also like to see a TV format in that. In the dark, because it really does something to you as an interviewee. You can have an infrared on it so you can see it. Then you get those red eyes, you know, that greenish light. You are not aware of that.”

Bake information

The only disadvantage? “As an interviewer you naturally miss a lot of information, because you don’t know how someone looks. You don’t see someone shifting uncomfortably. You don’t see someone get emotional, which I became at one point. I noticed that it did something to me. That it made me more open.”

She concludes: “I thought it was very strange. It’s never that dark at home.”