Tablet scam, fake scooter accidents to get paid

A man simulated fights and showed victims a broken tablet. Stopped and reported on the island of Elba

He simulates being run over on the pedestrian crossing on board a scooter and then asks for compensation for the fake damages. The carabinieri have unmasked and reported a 36-year-old Roman on the island of Elba (Livorno) for fraud.

how it works

The soldiers of the Portoferraio company had been on the trail of a fraudster for a few days, that is, since they had received news that a man was roaming between Portoferraio and Porto Azzurro who, on a scooter, simulated a road accident and then asked for damages from motorists. He showed them a broken tablet saying that the fake investment was the cause. Then he was paid on the spot for the damage never suffered. On Saturday 19 August, the Carabinieri from the operational and mobile unit identified him in the industrial area of ​​Portoferraio and followed him: he often looked behind and slowed down abnormally when he was overtaken by other vehicles. Before he got on a bus, they checked him. Inside his backpack they found a broken tablet and once in the barracks the man admitted everything. It is a 36-year-old Roman who struck in the capital with the scam of the broken mirror or clock due to simulated road accidents.

the previous

According to the hypothesis of the soldiers of Elba, it is also he who a few days earlier, in Porto Azzurro, had attempted to defraud a local driver by throwing himself on the side of her vehicle near a pedestrian crossing, moreover damaging the bodywork and showing the victim the broken tablet. The 36-year-old was reported on the loose for attempted fraud, damage and simulation of a crime and faces up to three years in prison. The investigations continue because the carabinieri do not exclude that there may have been other similar episodes that took place on the island.