Sylvie Meis mercilessly lashes out at Anouk Smulders, wife of a paparazzo and expert from Shownieuws. “She was probably triggered by those other bloodhounds over there!”

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    It’s no secret that Sylvie Meis and the Dutch gossip media are disgusted by each other. She now tells in her first interview in ages, to Dutch celebrity hugger Robbert Rodenburg, that she consciously does not seek media attention in our country. According to her, it only produces negativity, for example in the summer of 2020 at the desk of Shownieuws.

    Sylvie butchered

    Sylvie was in August of that year with interviews in both Boulevard and Shownieuws because she had a pair of sunglasses to promote. After the Shownieuws item, she was mercilessly slaughtered by the experts in the studio, and in particular by Story boss Guido den Aantrekker and Borsato-bestie Anouk Smulders.

    Anouk was relentless about the news that Sylvie would miss her son Damián’s first professional match to go to her father-in-law’s birthday: “I really like that. I find that shocking. If I were to look in family circles, my father-in-law would still say: ‘You just go to your child!’”

    bad mom

    It is disgusting that such an Anouk just portrays her as a bad mother, says Sylvie – without mentioning her name – in Open Card. “That match never took place, because we knew that that match will probably be postponed. I didn’t go to bed frustrated. I wrote that person a message.”

    Sylvie sent a very hard ‘dm’ to Anouk. “That I was so disappointed as a mother in another mother to call me a bad mother on national television about something you don’t know about – without maybe using those words. That’s actually the first time I’ve done that (sending an angry message, ed.).”

    Bloodhound Anouk

    Why did Sylvie choose it this time? “Because I cared so much for that person and I was so disappointed in another hard-working mom who should have known better than to express that. Just triggered probably by those other bloodhounds, but disappointing. You don’t do that if you don’t know the facts.”

    It felt very good for Sylvie to answer Anouk. “I loved writing. And: ‘Send! Good night, Tschüs!’” She’ll stick to that. “Those people don’t have my respect, those people mean nothing to me.”


    Sylvie is completely done with Boulevard and Shownieuws. “I learned a long time ago that not reacting and not giving recognition to people, situations and statements is actually the worst for all those people who don’t want the best for you. The recognition is what such a person wants and I do not give that recognition.”

    The only one she trusts is Robbert Rodenburg, against whom she is now completely empty. “What I really appreciate, and I see that in you, is how professional you are, how warm you are towards your guests, how interested you are and how prepared you are. You can see that in everything when you see you at work.”

    Dry mouth

    Robbert receives the compliments with a smile. In the meantime, every viewer knows why Sylvie really said yes to his online talk show: Robbert is so adept at licking his interview guests that he runs to the sink with a bone-dry mouth after every interview.

    A considerable achievement for which Robbert would like to be rewarded with a Televizier prize. During the interview with Sylvie, he even addresses the viewer directly to make an extensive voice request. It already had an effect in the studio. “I’m going to vote,” said Sylvie.

    Open Card

    The interview with Sylvie, with the sneer at ‘bloodhound’ Anouk from minute 42:35: