Sylvia Geersen, the new protagonist of The Bachelorette, is annoyed by the gossip that Yvonne Coldeweijer is spreading. “Don’t be fooled by things you see in someone else.”

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    Juice queen Yvonne Coldeweijer has spread some gossip about Sylvia Geersen, the influencer who is the new protagonist of the Videoland hit De Bachelorette. According to Yvonne, the Dutch men are ‘not eager’ for Sylvia, since the producer of the program approaches all kinds of men online to participate. “A bit embarrassing.”

    Really single?

    Yvonne states that it is even doubtful whether Sylvia is really single. “Rotterdam catering spies have informed me that Sylvia has been dating restaurant owner Mit Koedam for a while. She is very active with the like from his photos, they are spotted together and often go with her bestie Kim Feenstra eating at his restaurant.”

    With this gossip, Yvonne questions the integrity of the entire program. “Is this just another ‘single’ who is only in it for the money and fame?”

    Sylvia angry

    Sylvia is not happy with Yvonne’s gossip. “I wake up again with the news: ‘Desperate bachelorette is looking for a man, they can’t find it for her, she sends DMs herself.’ I just want to get that out of the way: that’s not true. The production is indeed looking for a man for me, because that is the show.”

    In addition to the fact that men can register, the production is also actively looking. Very normal, says Sylvia. “You can register and they will look for the perfect picture. I just want to get this out of the way. I’m really not desperate. Anyway, thanks for the publicity. Thanks!”

    ‘Am I single’

    And what does Sylvia think of the rumors that she wouldn’t be single? “Oh yes, one more thing before I forget: I am single, so don’t be misled by fragments that you see of someone else, because you don’t know the life and story of another person. I’ll close with that. Bye!”