Sylvester Stallone’s own reality TV series

The actor, who was recently divorced, wants to present his most important role as a father.

Actor Sylvester Stallone, 76, is entering the world of reality television with his family. The eight-part The Family Stallone series will start on the Paramount+ channel this spring.

Not only the Rocky actor but also his wife are immersed in the series Jennifer Flavin Stallone and his daughters in their twenties Sophia’s, Sistine and Scarlet’s into everyday life.

Stallone is said to be finally ready to let the cameras follow the most important role of his life as a father.

Stallone was still in the headlines in the fall because of his divorce plans. Jennifer’s wife filed for divorce in August after 25 years of marriage.

However, the divorce was canceled in September.

At the time, Stallone said that he had resigned himself to the divorce:

– I put work before family. It was a big mistake and I will never do it again, the man announced.

Stallone wants a reality TV series about his family. STUFF

Source: Variety