Sylvana Simons responds to birthday boy Johan Derksen: ‘Does she do well’

Sylvana Simons reacts sportively when a reporter points out that she has the same birthday as Johan Derksen. The football connoisseur is surprised: “She gives a good answer.”

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Yesterday, on the last day of January, quite a few celebrities had their birthdays. Not only Queen Beatrix, but also Wybren van Haga, Sylvana Simons and Johan Derksen turned a year older. “Sylvana? Oh, we should celebrate together sometime! No, that’s an annoying bitch”, the football analyst initially responds in the evening Inside today.

Just like Beatrix

Colleague Wilfred Genee then starts a video of reporter Merel Ek, who congratulates Sylvana on her 52nd birthday. She was born in 1971 in Paramaribo.

The political diva jokes: “I was indeed born on the same day as Beatrix, so there was a party in the colony. My mom always says that’s probably why I’m so arrogant and think I’m quite something because I’ve been treated so well on my birthday.”

Share with John

Merel points out that Sylvana also shares her birthday with Johan: “And still sharing a birthday with Johan Derksen. That’s something you have in common.”

Sylvana laughs: “Well, it is of course true that Johan knows how to captivate people in his way and I in mine. haha.”


Sympathetic, think the men of VI. Host Wilfred Genee: “Well, she’s changed, don’t you think? She has become much warmer.”

Johan: “Well, she gives a good answer. A political answer.”

Wilfred: “Yes, I think so too. I recently had her as a guest and I thought she was better than expected.”

Johan: “Yes, she is eloquent, but that commotion always…”

52 years

Table guest Roxane Knetemann finds it striking that Sylvana is already 52. “I wouldn’t give her 52.”

René: “Certainly not.”

Roxane: “Really much younger.”

René: “Well, a lot… Half 40, fine.”

Roxane: “I would estimate her under 45.”

René: “Maybe too.”

Telegraaf journalist Wierd Duk: “Yes, 40 or so or 42. She looks very good.”

René: “She looks good, the girl.”

Roxane: “Yes, she looks good.”


Wilfred also started a years-old video of John de Mol who speaks highly of Johan: