Tropical temperatures today and that is why many people from North Holland went out. Jump into the canal from a great height or relax on the terrace of an ice cream parlor. NH Nieuws takes a tour of the regions.

    NH News / Geja Sikma

    in Alkmaar play some children at the Chicken Bridge. The real daredevils among them jump from great heights into the canal. The two friends Mika Dekker (14) and Yari Broek (14) from Heerhugowaard hesitate for a while before they dare to dive into the deep end. Only when you stand on top of the bridge and look down, you see high the jump.

    After staring into the depths, the two young lads jump into the water with conviction. “A nice refresher”, laughs Yari afterwards. “At first you have a little bit of anxiety because it’s quite high when you’re on the edge.”

    A walk and an ice cream

    In Medemblik people are looking cooling off at ice cream parlor Don Gelato. By mid-afternoon it is still relatively quiet. “It was busier yesterday,” says an employee. “I think it is too hot for many people to go into the city. For us, a degree of 25 is ideal.” Still, it’s going well. The strawberry and lemon flavors are the favourite.

    Two women eagerly walk their rounds in Zuidermeer; they are not stopped by the tropical temperature. Because heat or not, you just have to walk. Armed with a bottle of water in hand, they cheerfully continue their walking route.

    Water pleasure on four legs

    In the water-rich Onderdijk there is a lot of movement around the Groote Vliet. Because on the water, it’s wonderful there. Countless boats find their way on this day and only a few filled cool boxes do not reach the bottom.

    In the place where the boats are normally lowered into the water, a dog is bathing halfway up his body. It is like water pleasure on four legs. She is startled. “She can’t have much, comes from a shelter in Greece,” explains the owner. “In that regard, she should be able to withstand these temperatures easily.”

    river pool

    Just like in Alkmaar, there are also many swimming children in Haarlem. A splash in the Spaarne is still a forbidden fruit, it can result in a hefty fine. This does not deter most boys and girls, however, as the place is very popular with young people. The swimming pool, the dune lakes or the beach are less attractive. “There is often no slide in the pool and the beach is a long way to cycle,” explains a girl.

    Perhaps the swimming children here will soon no longer have to worry about a fine. The new Haarlem coalition agreement states that it is public bathing water more attractive has to be made. That is why it is being considered to construct a ‘river swimming bed’ in ‘t Spaarne.

    Jumping for the adrenaline

    Back in Alkmaar on the bridge: a while later more friends come to make the daring jump. Quickly put on the swimming trunks and then go into the deep. “We actually do this every year, it’s a beautiful place,” says Mika. “Your heart stops a bit when you jump off it,” adds Yari. “And it’s also a huge adrenaline rush of course,” laughs Mika.

    NH Nieuws was also last year at the Kippenbrug where boys and girls showed a lot of acrobatic feats.

    Cooling jump into the deep end: “You get butterflies in your stomach” – NH Nieuws

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