Sweden’s most popular Finn found his mother dead – Tells about a traumatic moment in the series

Sweden’s most popular Finn talks with his son in more detail about his mother’s death in the Marko & Irma series.

Irma Lehtosalo says that she found her mother dead. Stella Pictures

One of the most popular Finns in Sweden Irma Lehtosalo68, and his rapper son Marko “Markolio” Lehtosalo49, talk about their great sadness Marko & Irma – in the second season of the series.

In the opening episode, Irma remembers how her brother called and said that their mother didn’t answer the phone. Irma lived next door to her mother and had the keys to her apartment. He decided to go check on his mother.

When he arrived at his mother’s apartment, a traumatic sight awaited him.

– I found him dead in his bed, Irma says in the episode.

– I tried to wake him up. Then I realized that he is dead, he continues.

Irma Lehtonen was unable to tell her son Marko about his mother’s death. Stella Pictures

Irma was too sad to tell her son about her mother’s death. Marko, who was in Finland at the time, heard the sad news from his sister. Marko was shocked, because his grandmother had been very important to him.

– It was really tough. I remember running straight into the woods and just kicking a tree. I cried so much that snot flew, Marko recalls.

Marko believes that his grandmother would be proud that Irma has become popular among Swedes at the age of 68.

With the series, Irma became a real popular favorite in Sweden. The program was even awarded at the Kristallen gala as Sweden’s best reality TV program in the summer of 2023.

The program follows the duo’s house building project, along with which they talk about their lives. For example, Irma has openly talked about her alcohol problem and her former relationship with a violent man in the reality show.

The second season of the Marko & Irma program can be seen on Sweden’s TV4.

Source: Aftonbladet