Sven Kockelmann turns a blind eye to WNL abuses: ‘He is a monkey’

It is abundantly clear that Bert Huisjes is a reprehensible broadcaster, but his two mastodons Rick Nieman and Sven Kockelmann wave away the massive criticism. “They’re monkeys!”


There can be no doubt that Bert Huisjes, the boss of broadcaster WNL, has a despicable management style. The great, revealing article of the A.D leaves no room for doubt: even well-known former WNL stars such as Roos Moggré, Eva Jinek, Nikki Herr, Leonie ter Braak, Margreet Spijker and Merel Westrik fully support the story.

“Is this a coincidence?”

Striking: this list only consists of ladies. The two big male stars of the broadcaster, Rick Nieman and Sven Kockelmann, wave away the massive accusations against Bert with the greatest of ease. They emphasize that they recognize ‘really none’ of the complaints. Sven: “Not in my own editorial office, not in terms of my own relationship with Bert.”

Well, it’s not surprising that Rick and Sven don’t recognize this; After all, their track record is more impressive than Bert’s. “The presenters came forward en masse, with their names and surnames. The two male presenters say: ‘Nothing’s wrong.’ Is that a coincidence or what?,” Humberto Tan wonders in his talk show.

Monkeys on rock

Ratings authority Tina Nijkamp knows what’s going on. “These are of course very mature, respected journalists who have been around for a long time and I even think that Bert Huisjes looks up to them a bit, so to speak. That could be. I think that’s one of the reasons they never had to deal with it.”

Olcay Gulsen notices Today Inside that Rick and Sven could be a little more aware of their privileged position. “Sven and Rick are also monkeys on a rock. They have very different positions than a novice Eva Jinek or Merel Westrik.”

Pick order

Jörgen Raymann doesn’t think it means anything that Rick and Sven haven’t had any problems. “You also have to look at the ranking here,” he says Sophie & Jeroen. “If you talk about Sven Kockelmann and Rick Nieman: no editor will argue against that, because of the status they have. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.”

It’s all very typical again, says hostess Sophie Hilbrand. “That is of course also striking, isn’t it? That all those women who are speaking say that it was impossible, and that those two men say: ‘I have no idea what this is about.’”

Super slim

According to celebrity photographer William Rutten, it is evident that Rick and Sven enjoy a privileged position. He points out that Bert urged women at WNL to lose weight. “You just have Sven Kockelmann sitting there. Excuse me. Is he allowed to be on TV? He’s not super slim either, to put it mildly,” he says Show news.

That is indeed lopsided, according to René van der Gijp in VI. “Sven Kockelmann also needs to lose a few kilos, old giant?”