Suspicious package: False alarm, package is not an explosive

    DOVO left Kortrijk around 8 p.m. tonight. At around 6.30 pm, the army’s mine clearance service was called after the discovery of a “suspicious package”. That was delivered to the minister’s home around 4.15 pm by a courier service.

    The streets around the house were cordoned off and police were present. The DOVO mine clearance service came to the scene and a safety zone of 100 meters had been set up around the house. All residents of a dozen homes within that zone were evacuated.

    Four suspects were previously arrested for the threat to Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne. The four were arrested in the Netherlands after a car with explosives was found at Van Quickenborne’s house in Kortrijk last week. The four do not want to be extradited to our country.