Suspicion of ontvoering in Antwerpse drugsoorlog opgepakt in milieu van Poolse hooligans | Nieuws

KIJK. Poolse politie arresteert fathers ontvoering Antwerp

“On June 21st, two men from 40 and 52 years of age were given a gift in the politics of an ontvoering met geweld,” says Kato Belmans from the Antwerp park. “Ze have two large buildings in one of the most vacant houses in Brasschaat, which will be completed at the same time and also fysiek will be rigged. After all, you can be sure that the suspicions of the flight will be taken away. The politics will be brought to the attention of the people and he will be given a fair second-hand opgestart.”

In December there were three men aged 25, 34 and 36 years old in Deurne as suspects in the past, now in Poland there are four suspected suspects. “The children are overgeleverd on the land,” confirms Kato Belmans.

The onderzoek comes quickly from the grandchildren of Poland who were taken into consideration at the schools in Thuisland. On the other hand, three of the two teams will take part in the two ops brigade of the Pools policy in the school districts in the Achterhalen.

Three men will be oppacked on October 13th in the Hoofdstad Warsaw. He lived in a private apartment. A fourth day will be geared up in the city of Radom on October 27th. The Poolse politie reports that the four property owners are waging gangs with hooligans in the city.