Suspects of Veeningen drug lab in court in mid-May

The four suspects who were arrested two weeks ago during a raid on a drug lab in the hamlet of Fort near Veeningen will appear in court on Wednesday, May 16.

This is a so-called pro forma hearing. During the raid, a 48-year-old woman from the municipality of De Wolden, a 61-year-old Amsterdam resident and two men aged 30 and 26 with no fixed abode were arrested. The woman’s pre-trial detention was extended by thirty days last week, the three men will remain in custody for an additional ninety days.

At a later time, an 18-year-old man from Utrecht was also arrested. It is not yet clear what exactly his role is.

During a nighttime raid in early February at a building in the Fort neighborhood, goods and barrels possibly containing chemicals that could be used in the production of synthetic drugs were found. The drug lab was then dismantled.

The presence of a drug lab in the remote building was a big surprise for local residents, even though they only knew their neighbors superficially. The suspected couple had lived in the farm since 2021 and ran a health and beauty products business.