Suspected stabster in youth drama in Winsum will remain in custody longer. OM: ‘Think twice before sharing false messages’

Jamesley S. (19) from the municipality of Het Hogeland will remain in pre-trial detention for 14 days longer. The examining magistrate decided this on Friday. The Public Prosecution Service calls on people not to share false messages about the case online.

Jamesley S. stabbed 17-year-old Jet on AS de Blécourtlaan in Winsum on Wednesday evening. A struggle reportedly broke out at a playground near the victim’s home. She was found a little further on the street. She later died in the ambulance from her injuries.

People in Winsum told us on Thursday DVHN that Jamesley S. and Jet were in a relationship and that the girl wanted to break up. Police have not confirmed this, but so far only say that “both people involved knew each other.”

The investigation into the murder of Jet from Winsum is still continuing, the Public Prosecution Service reported on social media on Friday. Witnesses to the murder are urged to report to the police.

‘Think twice before sharing messages online’

The justice department also addresses people who spread false messages about the case on social media. “These could potentially be harmful and confrontational for relatives of the victim and those around the suspect,” the Public Prosecution Service writes on X, formerly Twitter. “Think twice about the possible consequences of sharing texts and photos online: once for yourself and once for the other person.”

On Thursday evening, the police spoke to an X user about a message about suspect Jamesley S., whose information was openly shared. “The information in the post contains incorrect information,” the Groningen police account wrote. We therefore urge you to remove this post as soon as possible.’

The writer of the message responded to the call, because sharing personal data may be punishable since the ban doxing in the Netherlands.