Suspect (31) of murder at world-famous German ‘fairytale castle’ makes confession | Abroad

The suspect in a fatal attack on American tourists at Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle had a confession read out at the start of his trial. The 31-year-old American is suspected of murder, rape and attempted murder.

The man is said to have trapped two women near the castle last year. He allegedly pushed a 21-year-old woman to the ground. A 22-year-old friend came to the rescue and was then allegedly pushed off a slope. She fell 50 meters and suffered serious injuries.

The younger victim was then allegedly sexually assaulted and then also thrown into the abyss. She died from her injuries. The perpetrator and the victims would not have known each other. They met each other during a walk. The suspect then allegedly lured the victims to a secluded location.

The Marienbrücke. © Getty Images/iStockphoto

The case received international attention. According to German media, hundreds of tourists were in the area during the rescue operation for the women and the arrest of the suspect. A lawyer for the man read a confession at the start of the case and his client confirmed that it was correct.

Neuschwanstein is sometimes described as a fairytale castle and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. About one and a half million people come to take a look every year. The attack on the Americans is said to have taken place at a well-known bridge in the area, the Marienbrücke. Tourists go there for the beautiful view of the castle.