Susanna Koski, who shrugged as a member of parliament, returned to the public eye

Susanna Koski competes in the Special Forces program.

Susanna Koski, who was seen as a Member of Parliament for the Coalition between 2015 and 2019, is on the brink of exciting times. Koski will return to the public after the parliamentary hours Special forcesin the entertainment program. Koski says at the program’s press conference that he didn’t have to think twice about participating in the program.

– After all, this is different and the context is a bit surprising. This is not what I’m used to doing. My bread is a sitting sport, Koski laughs about participating in the entertainment program.

– Much is the same in my life, but many things have also changed, Koski describes.

Susanna Koski is currently involved in regional politics. Pete Anikari

After becoming a member of parliament, Koski bought himself a new home. It is a farm that has been in his family since the 1590s. The farm has previously served as Koske’s grandmother. Over the past few years, Koski has been renovating rooms and getting to know the life of a farmhouse.

– I have a lot of domestic animals there. Dogs, horses, chickens and cats. Everyday is quite physical, but luckily I can work from home. I partly have political duties in regional and provincial politics, in addition to that as an entrepreneur, he opens.

On the farm, Koski can also do all the more demanding tasks.

– In such conditions, you can’t really do well if you’re not ready to take on the most special jobs if necessary. Of course, there are things for which your own skills are not enough. Then you have to look for other arts. A good attitude goes a long way, he continues.

Susanna Kosk has enough animals to take care of. Pete Anikari

Koski, who leans on right-wing values, believes that the Coalition supports his life on the farm well.

– Yes, I think that Kokoomus is quite capable of sidelining many small-scale farmers and forest owners with its values. I believe that, for example, the right to ownership and property will certainly be one of the big themes of the spring European elections.

A return to parliament?

During his parliamentary years, Koski was often in the headlines not only for his political statements but also for his interpersonal relationships and, for example, for supporting fur farms.

When you ask Koske if he longs to return to Arkadianmäki, the answer is not so clear-cut.

– Politics has changed a lot in recent years. The tempo has changed, the everyday life of MPs has changed, social media plays a multiple role in everyday life, and the culture of politics has also changed.

– You never miss unpleasant situations, but that’s just part of the job. Politics continues to stir. There are many elements in politics that you can get through with much less effort when you do something on the edge of it.

Koski hopes that he could show a side of himself in the entertainment program that has not been seen in public before. He feels that many people have some kind of preconceived notion about him.

– I took this as an opportunity to tell something about myself in my own words that is not familiar to everyone. I want to show the core of myself, where nothing is glued on. I trust that we will also see those features here.

– Maybe Special forces and the similarity between politics and the media frenzy is that when everything is happening around you, you can only shut down and focus on what you are doing, Koski concludes.

Here are the Special Forces contestants. Pete Anikari