Susana Trimarco: “We are about to find my daughter”

One of the most emotional moments of the event NEWS in Congress for 40 years of Democracy was lived during the distinction to Susana Trimarcoa tireless activist who with her fight promoted the Human Trafficking Law. In her speech, the woman revealed: “We are about to find my daughter.”

“To tell you about the situation that I am going to find my daughter is very sad. Because Marita’s life was taken a long time ago, so we are looking for her with the Anthropology Center and the entire Judicial Branch of the province of Tucumán“Trimarco said. And he completed: “You will soon know, because I am not going to stop until we and my daughter have peace in this tireless fight that I had and will continue to have, because My commitment is for life. “I will continue to accompany all the families who need it.”

Trimarco was honored among other people who promoted laws that transformed the lives of Argentines. The shared Parental Power, the National Education law, the norm that allows marriage between people of the same sex, the Justina law and the Micaela law.

For her distinction, Marita Verón’s mother recognized: “Many thanks to NEWS and Profile. “I want to thank you in this fight for the support that two very important people who are here in Congress gave me, who accompany me every day with this fight,” he said. And he named Vilma Ibarra, “because we worked with her on the bill that exists today” Victoria Tolosa Paz “because every day we work tirelessly in this fight to assist victims of human trafficking, mothers who suffer gender violence and children who suffer abuse.”

Marita Veron She was a young woman from Tucumán who was kidnapped on April 3, 2002 by a network that forced her into prostitution and still kept her missing. Susana, his mother, became a tireless activist, whose efforts resulted in the Trafficking Law that today seeks to update. Noticias distinguished the persistence of their fight.

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