Survey: 51% approve Patricia Bullrich’s Security protocol

The consultant Argentina thinks developed a survey focused on the management of the national government in the month of February. The measurements were carried out in 2,908 cases, between February 19 and 20, online and throughout the national territory. Among the results offered by the consulting firm that leads Facundo Nejamkis, it was possible to evaluate that the national management is divided practically in equal parts. Men and young people continue to be the main segments of social support for the libertarian government.

Although there is a decline in economic policy, in addition to a opposition to dollarization, Milei’s government maintains strong support among the middle-income groups in the center of the country and the Cuyo region. Within the research, where most of the portfolios had a negative performance, the area of ​​social assistance is the worst evaluated in management.

When asked “How do you evaluate President Milei’s economic policy?”, 51% of those evaluated rated him negatively and 47% rated him positively. A similar result was observed when asked the question “How do you evaluate President Milei’s aid policies towards the poorest?”, that 44% disapproved and 50% agreed. While, in foreign policy management, 48% disagreed and 46% approved.

Contrary to the trend, the most notable margin of approval was in the measures of the Ministry of Security. Before the question “How do you evaluate President Milei’s security policy?”, 48% were in favor and 47% against. About “What is your opinion on the anti-picketing protocol implemented by Javier Milei’s government?”the positive reaction was more noticeable. 51% were in favor of the security measuresagainst protests on public roads, proposed by Patricia Bullrichand 48% rejected it.


According to Opina Argentina along these lines, 9 out of 10 voters of Milei and Bullrich approve the libertarian management and all the voters of Sergio Massa They disapprove it. The anti-picketing protocol is the presidential initiative with the best social evaluation.

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