surprise name included — Toni doesn’t recognize Juha Tapio

Toni Wirtanen is impressed by the singer’s voice, but does not recognize her based on it.

A surprise performer will start the new production season of The Voice of Finland.

If you don’t want to know who it is, skip reading this article.

A familiar singer from previous seasons will take the stage. He has been seen in no less than three production seasons. They are 9, 10 and 11. Today the 12th season starts.

At first, the singer’s identity is not revealed to the audience either. Only the performer’s name is displayed in the box: Leo Kohila. He interprets Leonard Cohen a song If It Be Your Will.

– This is just our shit, Toni Wirtanen inches out loud Sipe Santapuk bumping into his bandmate.

Elastinen, Anna Puu, Toni Wirtanen, Maija Vilkkumaa and Sipe Santapukki are the star coaches of the new season. Jukka Alasaari, Nelonen

So Toni and Sipe are the first to turn around and are overjoyed when they see who it is. At the same time, it turns out that Leo Kohila is a pseudonym.

The singer is not a competitor returning to the competition at all, but a former star coach. She is Olli Lindhomin (1964–2019) replaced Juha Tapiowhich will be replaced in the new episodes Elastic.

Anna Puu recognizes the sound of Juha Tapio’s voice, but doesn’t hesitate to turn his chair immediately unlike Maija Vilkkumaa and Elastic.

– There is no need to make speeches, Juha Tapio says after his presentation.

Toni still uses a small speech and admits that he couldn’t understand who was on stage based on the singing voice alone.

– I didn’t recognize it! I just thought it was tough, Toni says.

Juha Tapio has said that ranking the contestants didn’t feel like him in The Voice of Finland. Saku Tiainen, Nelonen

Juha Tapio’s goal has, of course, been to make the move successful.

– I tried to pull from below and above so that you wouldn’t have recognized, Juha Tapio reveals his tactics.

At the same time, he wants to wish everyone a wonderful new season.

– Above all, for you, Elastiche refers to his successor by his given name, which is Kimmo Laiho.

Elastinen worked as a star coach right from the start with Paula Koivuniemi, Lauri Tähkä and Michael Monroe. Henri Kärkkäinen

The Voice of Finland today on Nelose at 20:00. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.