Surinamese police again find large quantity of cocaine, officer arrested | Abroad

The Surinamese police found more than 2,400 kilos of cocaine in a storage room in a burning warehouse on Wednesday afternoon. The “amount of whitish substance” was packaged in different sizes, the police wrote on Thursday.

After the fire brigade of the Nickerie district had brought the fire under control, they came across the consignment of narcotics. According to news site Waterfront the packaging of the drugs varied from thirteen large white bags to 75 brown boxes and more than thirty other packaging. This has not been confirmed by the police. According to Waterfront a police officer has been arrested for possible involvement in the case.

The narcotics squad of the Surinamese police is investigating the case. The drug seizure in western Suriname came shortly after the discovery of almost six hundred kilos of cocaine on a Surinam Airways plane bound for Amsterdam. That aircraft left for the Netherlands on Wednesday evening after many hours of delay. No suspects have yet been arrested in the previous case.

The Netherlands and Suriname want their customs organizations to cooperate more closely in the fight against drug smuggling. There will be joint training courses and information exchange will be intensified. These agreements were made last week in Paramaribo by outgoing State Secretary Aukje de Vries of Benefits and Customs with the Surinamese Minister of Finance Stanley Raghoebarsing.