The big wave surfer scene mourns the loss of Brazilian Marcio Freire. The 47-year-old died at the famous spot Nazare in Portugal. This is reported by the AFP news agency, citing local authorities.

    “A 47-year-old man of Brazilian nationality died this afternoon after falling while surfing in Praia do Norte,” the national navigation authority said in a statement. Restocking measures could not have saved the experienced athlete.

    Nazare is a hotspot for big wave surfers, with the biggest waves in the world breaking in front of the small town on the Atlantic. Nuremberg’s Sebastian Steudtner conquered a 26.21 meter high wave here in October 2020 and is thus leading the record hunt.

    Surfer scene mourns: “We lost one of us”

    According to the authorities, the conditions surrounding the tragic accident in Freire, which caused great consternation, were “not exceptionally dangerous”.

    “We lost one of us,” wrote Nic von Rupp, a Portuguese surfer with German roots, on Instagram.

    Incidents have occurred repeatedly since the scene grew stronger in Nazare in the early 2010s. So far there has not been a death.