Gastronomy is one of the great historical attractions of “The happy”, with dozens of strongholds based on family tradition, craftsmanship and good quality. And there are options for all budgets in sea ​​of ​​silverwhich has numerous spaces to go out and enjoy dishes with very good presentation.

    TIO CURZIO – Av. Colon 846

    A classic from Mar del Plata founded by a couple of Italian immigrants in the mid-sixties. This house on Avenida Colón does not go unnoticed due to its architecture and its location with a privileged view of Bahía Varese and Cabo Corrientes that can be seen both from the interior and from the crowded terrace of Don Curzio. There are dozens of options on the menu, but the favorites are the black salmon ravioli with Morita sauce.

    MONTECATINI – Colon and Corrientes Avenue

    The popular restaurant has four locations in La Feliz. Its cuisine stands out for its pastas and milanesas. There are two favorite dishes: the Neapolitan Milanese and the green gnocchi souffle with cream gratin with Parmesan cheese. The entire letter is posted on their website. It also offers a children’s menu with main course, drink and dessert and a lunch promotion with main course, drink and dessert.



    A classic that never goes out of style. A restaurant stopped in time and with Italian reminiscences, it is one of those places in Mar del Plata to discover and return to. The specialty, without a doubt, are the sorrentinos and the homemade ravioli. Both stuffed with ham and cheese or vegetables and ricotta, especially with mixed sauce, it is a dish that guarantees minutes of happiness from Mar del Plata.

    THE EURO – Bolivar 2974

    The icon specialized in homemade meals is a reference in the spa city. Everything they offer has the best flavour, from sole al roquefort or portuguese peceto to the supreme and milanese accompanied by spinach gratin. A family atmosphere, very well attended, to eat at home, or better yet, but in the center of Mar del Plata.

    ASIAN GHETTO – San Lorenzo 2991

    Asian Ghetto

    This Asian canteen continues to establish itself as one of the most interesting proposals on the coast. The setting proposes an Asian culinary stay, in which thematic tastings, vinyl nights and banquets coexist. Undoubtedly, this is the quintessential young option in the city to eat delicious food. The oriental specialty is dumplings, lacquered pork bao and curries in all their colors.

    JAYA REFUGE – Helena Beach Route 11

    The Helena Beach spa inn offers demanding cuisine by the sea. An exclusive proposal based on seafood, prawns, fried foods and fish. Grilled red and white meats are present, along with some typical beach dishes such as salads and squid rings.

    THE TATA’S – La Rioja 3098

    What about Tata

    The downtown canteen continues to be one of the must-sees on the gastronomic map of Mar del Plata. The marine bodegón, with products of the highest quality, specializes in simple cooking that enhances flavors and a port setting. In this restaurant the most requested dishes are the catch of the day, the babé omelette and the ham and cheese sorrentinos.

    MONK’S TOWER – Varese Beach

    The architectural icon of Mar del Plata, built in 1904, was a hostel for the European elite who spent their summers in the seaside resort at the beginning of the 20th century. In its space it houses a restaurant that has been updated to the current times. Local products gain prominence: both those from the sea and those provided by the rich fruit and vegetable supply of the city

    WAKIKI VIEWPOINT – Workers Avenue 4320

    Wakiki Lookout

    The Waikiki Lookout is quite an immersive experience. The octagonal building that refers to the city of yesteryear also invites you to contemplate the Atlantic from any of the tables that are attached to the windows. The menu is extensive and traditional, in the list we see sole, haddock, grilled salmon and seafood vermiccelli as some of the options.

    QUBA CAFÉ DE MAR – Playa Grande

    On the north breakwater of Playa Grande, this gastronomic space is another of the few places where you can eat and drink on the ocean. Due to its location, it became a Mar del Plata landmark that operates twelve months of the year with audiences of all ages. From all the tables in its three rooms you can see the sea. The squid rings are a classic almost at any time of the day.

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