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    It’s easy to add your own favorite fillings to the Basic Pie Guide. Emmi Niiniaho

    Over the years, Mailo’s tuna pie recipe service at Kotikoki has become very popular. The recipe has been viewed more than 700,000 times and the comment field is full of nearly two hundred commendable comments:

    – I’d put a lot of thumbs up if I could. Good things have come every time. I have tried the tuna, minced meat & bacon and ham version.

    – Incredibly good and easy!

    So the basic recipe is really easy to customize to fit with virtually any filling. The comments suggest that in addition to tuna, you can try a minced meat-bacon-onion filling, a chicken-pineapple-feta combination or a mushroom filling, for example.

    The pepper delivery was forced to try this acclaimed recipe with the original tuna filling. In addition to tuna, a little spring onion and blue cheese crumbs crept into the filling.

    The pie became just as succulent and delicious as promised. The help is now safe, waiting for the next refill experiments.

    Tuna pie

    (24 cm casserole)


    1 tbsp (200g) sour cream

    1 egg

    2 ½ dl of wheat flour

    2 teaspoons baking powder


    1 tbsp (200g) sour cream

    2 eggs

    2 tbsp tuna

    garlic + spices

    grated cheese

    1. Pour the liquid out of the tuna cans.

    2. Mix all the base ingredients together (baking powder first separately with wheat flour) and pour the dough into a greased and floured pie pan.

    3. Then mix the filling ingredients together (even in the same bowl as the base ingredients) and pour the filling over the base. Add a little grated cheese if you like.

    4. Bake in a 200-degree oven until beautifully browned, about half an hour (depending on the power of the oven, observe the baking time).

    Prescription: Home cook

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    The story was first published in June 2021.