Suomi hit makes Vesa Keskinen cry at night – Well-known Finns talk about their fatherhood

Iltalehti asked five famous fathers what fatherhood means. The Finnish stars talked and fell silent.

Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, November 12.

Well-known fathers tell Iltalehti what fatherhood means to them and which Father’s Day they remember. Another father’s day has been associated with difficult feelings, another has danced with his children on the tables.

Father’s Day at work

TV journalist Arto Nyberg’s father’s days have been repeating the same pattern for years – just like his Sundays.

– In 20 years, there has only been one Father’s Day when we have done it Arto Nyberg – program tape, Nyberg tells Iltalehte.

Usually, he starts preparing for the broadcast directly in the morning. That’s not enough time for Father’s Day lunches.

On Father’s Day mornings, however, Nyberg has received a card in bed.

What kind of father does Nyberg think he is?

– Strict, loose, relaxed, funny and angry – depending on the situation, Nyberg laughs.

Now Nyberg’s son has gone to study, but the contact between father and son is still close.

– We keep in touch every day, Nyberg says.

– Fatherhood is amazing. It’s hard to find words that don’t sound like a cliche machine. It is something strange, unique and wonderful. Surely everyone who has been blessed with this luck shares the thought, says Nyberg.

Arto Nyberg describes himself as a strict and relaxed father. Arttu Laitala

Nyberg’s son Max enrolled in spring 2022 as a high school student. Matti Matikainen

Chlamydia chapter as a guideline

Village merchant Vesa Keskinen is 10 years old Marian and an 8-year-old I hope so father. One song sensitizes Keskinen on the eve of Father’s Day and actually every day.

It’s from the band Klamydia Request. Keskinen encourages all fathers to listen to the song in an unhurried moment.

– There is great wisdom in the words of the song for all of us fathers. Several tears have rolled down my cheeks in the dark hours of the night while thinking and analyzing the important message of that song. Pyyntö has been my last song for many days before going to bed, says Keskinen.

Only life – program, the song tells from a child’s point of view how a child only needs a spiritual refuge from his parents and wants to live his childhood in peace.

Keskinen says that he feels that he is a calm authority as a father.

– My most important task as a father is to create a safe feeling for the children. It is especially important for me to urge and encourage children to be courageously curious. I consider common rules and, through them, fair discipline to be important, he describes.

Keskinen remembers from his own childhood how important it was to get trust from parents and thus freedom.

– I have decided to be a father with whom you dare to talk about all things by their real names. I am satisfied with my alignment. There have been confusing situations, but in my opinion I have coped commendably, says Keskinen and continues that he is already looking forward to future interesting discussions.

It is important for Keski that Father’s Day is dedicated to family time without distractions.

Keskinen doesn’t want to rank Father’s Days, but one has stuck in my mind more than others.

– Naturally, the first Father’s Day after the first child, Keskinen says.

Always puck

A hockey legend Timo Jutilan Father’s Day has often been spent with the Karelian tournament – and this year as well. Jutila’s company is also joined by her three children. His partners are also going along Fairy tale and her son.

Mother’s days, on the other hand, have often been spent working on the World Cup.

Jutila’s best Father’s Day memory is also related to the Karelian tournament: she was the team leader and Finland took a crushing victory over Sweden.

It is not easy for Jutila to answer what kind of father he is.

– Yaa-a. You should ask the kids that. Yes, I have tried to be there, even though I have been on a lot of travel, Jutila reflects.

Now Jutila’s children are adults.

– Everyone is on their own path, but on Father’s Day we gather together again, says Jutila.

Timo Jutila’s father’s days have been spent playing hockey. Jussi Saarinen

The cycle of the family was broken

When we were making Father’s Day cards at school, With Axel Milliam was not easy. He hadn’t seen his own father in a long time.

When Secret lives – series, the actor became a father at the age of 27, he wanted to break the cycle of his family.

– My parents divorced when I was a small baby. The same thing happened to my father, says Milliam.

– I just wanted to be present for my child. It’s enough to just be there and the child learns that “daddy is always here”. Family is everything to me, says Milliam.

Milliam says that his and his father’s paths have crossed later in life.

– We found each other again and today we are best friends. It felt as if we had never been apart, the actor describes.

Milliam is 2.5 years old Luca-boy together with his partner Yasmin’s with.

Milliam won’t forget his first Father’s Day.

– Luca was very small and I got a book from Yasmin in which Axel and Luca have adventures. I read the story to Luca and cried through the whole book. It was a wonderful story, says Milliam.

Axel Milliam wants to be a present father. PDO

Serpentine and dancing on the table

Actor Ismo Apellin I remember Father’s Day when he was recently divorced.

– It was a tour that lasted all day. There are some great pictures of it. We danced, played music and danced on the tables and threw streamers, Apell recalls.

Apell says that his Father’s Day has included wigs, funny hats and whatever.

– Recently, everyone had a mustache. At least it really warms me up that they’ve gone to the trouble. It doesn’t have to be anything big, says Apell.

Apelli’s new family includes eight children. The actor is also a grandfather.

– We have a long cheery table, which can still fit quite a few, says Apell.

Apelli also has work obligations this weekend. Apell directs Pirjo Heikkilän scripted The weekend of all time – comedy play, which will premiere next week at the Tahko winter theater.

– I know that the children have plotted something. The wife has said that it is not allowed to show some text messages, Apell laughs.

Ismo Apelli’s father’s days have sometimes even taken on carnival-like features. ATTE KAJOVA

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