The wrapper shared a fan letter addressed to him on social media.

    Finland’s Eurovision representative Käärijä shared a picture of the fan letter he received in his Instagram stories. The letter, written on checkered paper, is addressed to “Jere”, which is the artist’s real first name.

    The letter is signed Rowana person named Flowers and hearts are drawn on the paper.

    – So I only heard about you shortly before UMK started, but you are already a fucking important part of my life, the letter begins.

    Käärijä claimed victory in the final of the New Music Competition. Elle Laitila

    The Viusu representative is praised in many different ways in the message.

    – You are such a nice and funny guy. You always make me laugh. You are absolutely the best guy in the world. You are the most handsome guy in the whole world. Your laugh is wonderful and I always laugh too when you laugh.

    The author wishes the singer success in Eurovision.

    – I’m really bad at writing letters like this, but remember that you’re wonderful! You’re a super nice guy and funny, really funny, oh you’re perfect. My biggest idol. I love you,

    – Piña Colada and peace to you, the letter ends.

    The wrapper, or Jere Pöyhönen, represents Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. IL archive

    The wrapper has written a comment on the picture.

    – Such people are speechless. Thank you Pihla and her friends, the singer thanks.

    The wrapper will compete in this spring’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song Cha Cha Cha. Finland has been drawn to appear in the second half of the first semi-final. The wrapper has become one of the early favorites.

    In betting, Finland is in second place. The first place is still held by Sweden, which is represented by ex-Vietnam winner Loreen’s song Tattoo. Loreen competes with Käärijä in the same semi-final.

    This year, Eurovision will be held in Liverpool, Great Britain.