Summary and goals of Elche


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The people from Elche beat Villarreal and got their first victory of the season

A hat-trick from ’10’, who retired injured, makes Martínez Valero believe with salvation

Elche gave the coup of the day and, finally, got the first victory of the season in LaLiga against the least expected team. Villarreal could not cope and fell 3-1 against a team from Elche that was unaware of their losing streak and subscribed to Pere Milla’s hat-trick to continue trusting in the salvation of a bottom club who seemed already doomed.


Santander League





Edgar Badia; Palacios (Diego González, 46′), Roco, Magallán; Carmona, Mascarell, Gumbau (Verdú, 87′), Clerc (Blanco, 71′); Ponce (Nteka, 71′), Boyé, Pere Milla (Fidel, 58′).


Queen; Foyth, Albiol, Cuenca, Mojica; Capoue (Coquelin, 62′), Parejo (Niño, 79′), Baena (Trigueros, 62′); Chukwueze (Collado, 90′), Gerard Moreno, Pino (Morales, 63′).


1-0 M. 3 Pere Milla. 1-1 M. 22 Gerard Moreno. 2-1 M. 45 Pere Milla. 3-1 M. 52 Pere Milla.


Munuera Montero (Andalusian). TA: Palacios (20′), Carmona (25′), Mascarell (37′), Fidel (85′) / Baena (59′), Cuenca (74′).


Matchday 20. Martinez Valero.

Elche quickly let it be known that it was willing to change the history of its campaign in these 90 minutes. There were not even three minutes on the clock when Pere Milla was already celebrating the first goalpicking up a rebound in the area after Ponce’s shot and making Pepe Reina’s stretch useless.

They trusted the ‘groguets’ when Gerard Moreno appeared to finish off a phenomenal pass from Baena with the temporary 1-1, but it was only an illusion. Because Pere Milla still had a lot to give and, on the brink of halftime, he became the owner of a Cuenca penalty on Ponceputting the ball to the opposite side to the one Reina chose.

And it was not going to be the only charge from eleven meters that the Elche striker assumed. Beginning the second half, he himself was in charge of looking for a charge in the Baena area, dropping into the area and asking Munuera Montero for contact, who did not hesitate as he was very close to the play.

The referee gave the penalty, Milla defined and scored a historic hat-trick to give three points to a team that had six at the bottom of the table. Now there are nine units and an illusion that is renewed.