Summary and goals of Andorra

Andorra la Vella

12/03/2023 at 17:56


Samper scored the winning goal for the Andorrans in the 89th minute

With this victory the Sarabia team takes a breath and moves 5 points away from permanence

Sergi Sampermiddle of FC Andorrabroke the negative streak of four consecutive days without winning with a goal in the 89th minute and leaves more in the well for the Huesca. Those of Eder Sarabia They won and took breath at the bottom against a direct rival for permanence, whom they distanced by five points.

Final in the middle of December. He FC Andorra and the Huesca They faced each other in an important match for permanence. Eder Sarabia decided to place the striker back as starter River Village, Manu Nieto and in the middle Jandro Orellana. Furthermore, he placed between the lines Julian Lobete. Meanwhile, Antonio Hidalgo gave ownership to Ignasi Vilarrasa and Hugo Vallejo for having two important casualties like Juanjo Nieto and Samu Obeng.

The script was fulfilled. He FC Andorra he had the ball and the Huesca He was well planted on the pitch. Despite not having the most precious thing, the people of Huesca did not suffer excessively. The game was boring until the 25th minute where Alex Calvo He had the first opportunity. The Córdoba winger only finished with a header to the center Diego Pampín to the left. The goalkeeper Alvaro Fernandez He rejected the Andalusian’s centered shot.

He Huesca He did not go beyond what he had worked on during the week and his solidity gave him peace of mind although without any scoring opportunities in the first 45 minutes. Therefore, a first half full of calm and tranquility for Dani Martin. In the 37th minute, Alex Calvo, with his individual sparks, enjoyed the second chance to score. The former player of Malaga He dribbled past two players and his centered shot was saved in two halves. Alvaro Fernandez.

At the restart, Eder Sarabia decided to enter Pablo Moreno in place of Iker Benito. Of course, the Huesca He continued well planted and had the first chance of the second half as soon as it began with a shot from outside the area. Javi Mier over the crossbar after a delivery of Javi martinez. Six minutes later, Joaquin Muñoz stood in front of Dani Martin pressured by Alex Calvo and the Andalusian preferred to look for a penalty and not shoot on goal and missed a great opportunity. In the 60th minute, Joaquin Muñoz was able to advance Huesca with a low shot from the edge of the box that missed the post. The first approximation of FC Andorra In this second part I arrived with a low and centered shot of Diego Pampín that stopped Alvaro Fernandez. A minute later, Alex Calvo He also tried it with a low shot to the outside.

Those of Antonio Hidalgo They had a good scoring opportunity in the 78th minute after a shot from Kento Hashimoto that stopped Dani Martin. The winning goal came in the 89th minute. Alvaro Martin served a centered foul and Sergi Samper from the penalty spot he combed the ball and surprised Alvaro Fernandez.