Sudosa-Desto convincingly beat Activia in three sets

Visser Assen/Sudosa-Desto delivered a convincing match against Somos/Activia. The volleyball players from Assen needed three sets to deal with an opponent they had never won against.

After losing the cup match last season and things going wrong at home two months ago, Sudosa-Desto now won. Without the ill Mark Afman, but with Stefan van der Veen as coach on the sidelines, the Assen team dominated the match.

The big difference between both teams were the mistakes that were made. The home team scored almost twice as many as Sudosa-Desto. In the first set this led to a 25-16 final score via 10-6 and 20-12.

After that, Activia stayed in the wake of the guests for longer: 17-19. But a place ball from Manon Torenbeek and a second strong serve from the passer/runner provided a safe 22-17 lead. It was Kirsten Wessels, who collected the most points together with diagonal Paula Boonstra, who made it 25-17 and a 2-0 score.

‘They were really sharp’

Van der Veen was logically very satisfied with his team. “They were really sharp. We had a lot of pressure on the corners, while the centers continued to be played well. After two big sets, we fell behind 4-0, but we remained calm.”

That resulted in a 9-9 score, after which Sudosa-Desto slowly walked away from the home team. The only difficult part was making the final point. From 24-19 it became 24-23, before Wessels put the deserved 25-23 on the board.

Van der Veen: “It was still exciting, but we were in our strongest rotation. Fortunately we win in three sets. This is a great victory over a team that has not suited us so far. ”