Suddenly Putin has “no bad intentions” towards neighbors

Putin comments on his war in Ukraine – and spreads flawless war propaganda. And the Kremlin ruler advises neighboring countries not to “inflame the situation”.

While Russian troops are firing rockets at cities and killing civilians in Ukraine, Moscow’s ruler Vladimir Putin (69) is the lamb of innocence – and warns the West against further escalation.

“I would advise them (the neighboring countries of Ukraine; ed.) not to exacerbate the situation, not to introduce restrictions, we are fulfilling all our obligations and will continue to fulfill them,” the head of state said on Friday, according to the Interfax agency.

So Putin continues to act as if he weren’t the aggressor – and lies flat out: “We have no bad intentions towards our neighbors.” And: He sees no need to worsen relations. What a mockery of the victims of the war so far. his war.

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Russia will meet its economic obligations now and in the future, according to the warmonger. With this, Putin is clearly referring to the extensive sanctions against his country. In addition to the Swift exclusion of various Russian banks, punitive measures were also decided on for Putin and those close to him.

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Many experts suspect that the sanctions package will hit Russia hard, and harder and harder as time goes on. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he was unimpressed by the sanctions last week: “Well, we’re used to it. We know that sanctions will be imposed anyway – with or without reason,” he said.

However, there is growing evidence that Russia’s economy is increasingly ailing.

Putin spoke as part of the commissioning of a new ferry between Ust-Luga near St. Petersburg to the Baltic Sea region of Kaliningrad (formerly Koenigsberg). The 200 meter long ship is intended to bring food and building materials to the Baltic Sea exclave, for example. He took part via video link, because because of the Russian war against Ukraine, many Western countries have refused Russian planes overflight.