Such was Pedro Hietanen’s memorial service

Pepe Willberg says that musician Pedro Hietanen’s memorial service was organized today in Helsinki.

Pedro Hietanen’s memorial service was organized today. IL archive

Musician Pedro Hietanen a memorial service was held today. Hietanen died on Independence Day, exhausted by a long illness at the age of 74.

Hietanen’s friend, singer Pepe Willberg was one of the invited guests at the memorial service organized on Saturday, December 30 in Helsinki.

– It was a really warm-hearted occasion, as you could expect. Pedro’s older son Tendon welcomed all the guests and opened the event with a short speech. He said that all the food and cakes must be eaten, Willberg tells Iltalehte with a laugh.

Pepe Willberg was one of the invited guests at Pedro Hietanen’s memorial service. ATTE KAJOVA

About 50–60 people participated in the memorial service, which lasted a couple of hours. The program included, among other things, speeches and musical performances. Addresses were also read at the event.

MA Numminen, who had a long career with Hietanen, gave a long speech at the event.

– He told exhaustively about Pedro’s various accomplishments, not only what they did together, Willberg says.

Pedro Hietanen and MA Numminen made a career together as Pommi ja Gommi duo. Patrick Forsblom

Hietanen’s younger son performed a song with Yhtyeine There is so little time. Matti Rossin lyrics and by Henrik Donner the song composed was originally published as Pepe by Pepe Willberg & Paradise on the self-titled debut album in 1972.

According to Willberg, Hietanen’s funeral was previously held among the family.

Willberg himself says that he said goodbye to his friend with a calm mind.

– I have already had time to get used to the idea that now it was Pedro’s turn to leave. Now we are living in those years and decades when guys are diminishing, each in their own way. It’s not worth waiting terribly for that. Everyone’s turn comes.

Pedro Hietanen died on Independence Day at the age of 74. Jenni Gästgivar