The cardigan seen above by Packalen is a masterpiece of the Finnish fashion designer.

    Spectators at the Emma gala rubbed their eyes on Friday night when the stripes on artist Robin Packalen’s cardigan resembled the Russian flag.

    In the Twitter messaging service, several users shared their observations and questioned Packalen’s choice of outfit.

    – In light of the current situation, who would think of wearing camo and the stripes that remind you of the Russian flag? However, would yellow and blue have been a better match? one user wrote on Twitter.

    Packalen told Iltalehte about his outfit. The cardigan is from Finnish designer Rolf Ekroth’s Fiskars collection.

    – Snookka pants are made of reindeer skin. I can say they are pretty hot. Maybe the ears will braid in that model, Packalen said about the outfit.

    Robin wore this outfit at the Emma gala. Atte Kajova

    Robin was wearing Jordans. Atte Kajova

    In addition to this, Packalen was wearing a different pair of shoes, true to his style.

    – Just basic Jordans, Packalen described his shoes.

    Rolf Ekroth is one of Finland’s most promising fashion designers. He recently showed his collection at the Milan and Paris fashion weeks.

    The name of the collection in question, from which Packalen’s cardigan also comes from, is Galen World i.e. in Finnish Crazy world. The text in question also reads on the chest of the green cardigan.

    A similar detail visible on the chest can also be found in the clothes of the memory of Ekroth.