Such are the Playstation VR2 glasses

Sony’s second-generation VR glasses offer new features.

Sony has released on his blog pictures and information about their upcoming Playstation VR2 glasses. The PS VR2 glasses are designed alongside the Playstation 5 and are clearly in line with the design of the console.

The new VR glasses are lighter than the previous ones, which were released in 2016. The comfort of use has been improved so that the distance between the lenses can be adjusted closer or further as required, which will certainly benefit those who wear the glasses, for example.

The new glasses are thinner than before and have a built-in engine that responds to gaming events. One favorite addition for those who play a lot of VR games is the air conditioning openings in the glasses. This allows air to exchange inside the glasses. According to Playstation, the new air conditioning solution also prevents lens evaporation.

Sony has not yet announced the future price of PS VR2 glasses. The first generation glasses cost 399 euros during the release.

Sony has previously said that the glasses will feature 4K HDR OLED displays with 2000×2040 resolution and 90 and 120 Hz support.