Such and such show 2023: cast, jury and imitations first episode

Sevening at 9.30pm on Rai 1 Carlo Conti inaugurates the new season of Such and such show 2023. Eight episodes are scheduled for 12 contestants ready to imitate the most famous Italian and foreign singers. Replicating – in addition to the physique and the look – the voice, the proxemics, the charisma, to best impress the public and the jury, made up of Loretta Goggi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Giorgio Panariello. And the double of Chiara Ferragni as the fourth judge, but only for tonight.

At “Tale e Quale Show” Cirilli and Paolantoni take on the role of Elton John and RuPaul

Such and such show 2023the competitors in the race

The cast of the program is made up of Alex Belli, Gaudiano, Ginevra Lamborghini, Lorenzo Licitra, Ilaria Mongiovì, Pamela Prati, Jasmine Rotolo, Maria Teresa Ruta, Scialpi and Jo Squillo. To these are added Gabriele Cirilli and Francesco Paolantoni, already present as a couple last year. They return to the role of repeaters.

Alex Belli, Ginevra Lamborghini, Pamela Prati and Maria Teresa Ruta participated in the Big Brother VIP. Lorenzo Licitra won X Factor 2017the edition that consecrated Måneskin, runners-up. Alex Belli says he is excited and happy because “I can finally put into practice the art I studied for”. For Ginevra Lamborghini Such and such show 2023 it will be «a great school and I have a lot to learn.”

Also Pamela Prati is happy, especially to perform in front of Loretta Goggi (“a myth”), ditto Jo Squillo. Ilaria Mongiovìactress and singer with a participation in the musical Notre Dame de Paris in the role of Esmeralda, he made his TV debut fifteen years ago in I leave you a songhosted by Antonella Clerici.

Maria Teresa Ruta: «They only took me out of exhaustion»

«The key word is fun», he continues Lorenzo Licitra at a press conference and announces that he is working on his new album. After the victory at Sanremo 2021 among the New Proposals with Gunpowder, Gaudiano works «in theatre, in musicals, and I never thought I could do something so beautiful. I feel very lucky.”

Jasmine Rotolo credits the program with being able to «express my singing skills. I did the audition, I was chosen by Carlo and I will give it my all.” In the end, Maria Teresa Ruta. The least diplomatic and the most fun. «For me it is an extraordinary return to Rai 1. They only hired me out of exhaustion, because I kept sending out auditions. I did the first one 11 years ago, but it wasn’t good. I wanted to become as good as Monica Vitti and Mina, but they made me become a journalist. You will understand why. I will give my best, but I already know that it won’t be enough».

Dull. (Assunta Servello)

The imitations of the first episode and the fourth judge

Tonight Pamela Prati becomes Claudia Mori, Ilaria Mongiovì transforms into Giorgia, while Jo Squillo tries to imitate the queen of pop Madonnaon the notes of Into the groove. Alex Belli compares himself with Don Jones, Maria Teresa Ruta becomes Sylvie Vartan and Scialpi plays Bobby Solo.

Still, Lorenzo Licitra takes on the role of Marco Mengoni, Ginevra Lamborghini plays Annalisa, Jasmine Rotolo dives into the world of Gloria Gaynor And Gaudiano will be Tiziano Ferro. About Gabriele Cirilli and Francesco Paolantoni, the performance will be a surprise. In fact, they have not revealed which singers they will be asked to imitate.

As anticipated, the fourth judge of the first episode will be Chiara Ferragni. Obviously not the real one, but an imitation of him. There are several comedian actresses who have attempted this feat. Among all, Brenda Lodigiani and Valentina Barbieri stand out. Who will be there this evening?

Malgioglio on Cristina Scuccia’s refusal

In recent months there has been talk of the arrival of Cristina Scuccia. The former nun, winner of The Voice of Italy 2014is fresh from participating in The Island of the Famous 2023. His entry into the cast of Such and such show 2023 it seemed certain. Instead, the deal fell through. When asked about the matter, Carlo Conti confirms and says that Scuccia and his team «have put conditions, even simple ones, that we could not accepthow to follow the tests”.

«With great serenity – he continues – we said that we could not accept and he decided not to take part in the program. It is a legitimate choice.” He intervenes Cristiano Malgioglio. «His problem was that he didn’t want to play certain transgressive characters, but how? You do The Voice with the veil and go sing Like a Virgin of Madonna? This thing made me very angry. There are authors who work and decide who should play that character. She wanted to play characters that she liked.”

“Tale e come show 2023”, Maria Teresa Ruta. (Assunta Servello)

Carlo Conti on blackface: «I don’t agree, but I respect»

During the presentation of the new edition, by Endemol Shine Italy, there is also space to discuss a topic that has been on the table for some time: the blackface. In 2021, Rai banned programs from putting black makeup on the faces of contestants called to imitate black artists. Such and such show he had to deal with it and, since then, he has always enlisted a black artist in the cast.

In this regard, Conti says: «It’s all under the name of respect. Learning to respect others would be the most important thing, regardless of age, gender and skin color.” Regarding the program he explains: «I think it’s absurd that our show has been accused of blackface. Out of delicacy we decided to eliminate it. (…) Following the same reasoning we will come to decide that not even blonds can interpret dark-haired singers».

Finally, he points out «These stances seem excessive to me for a variety show, as well as ghettoising towards many great black artists who we will not be able to imitate. That’s why we hired a competitor who was blacker than me (he jokes, ed). We will also have Jasmine Rotolo interpret white singers. I hope no one is offended by the whiteface.”

“Tale e come show 2023”, Carlo Conti. (Assunta Servello)

The judges of Such and such show 2023: Loretta Goggi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Giorgio Panariello

The jury is confirmed in full. Loretta Goggi returns, judge since the first edition, Cristiano Malgioglio in the cast from 2021 and Giorgio Panariello, enlisted by Conti for the sixth consecutive edition. They are entrusted with the task of judging the performances and expressing their satisfaction with a vote from 1 to 10.

Their strength is to entertain, to entertain, without ever coming into conflict with the competitor. «I think things can be said with grace», Goggi points out. «The reading must be absolutely technical and the artist’s past must not be targeted. This is my role, I am a technique of imitation”. Then he remembers: «I know what it means to wear fake noses, wigs, bellies. It’s a very heavy thing. I believe that this show brought respect to this artistic branch. A serious and professional tribute to great artists and I am very confident that everyone will be committed. It is not possible to imitate without putting in effort.”

Regarding the judgments, Malgioglio recalls: «The nice thing about this jury is that everyone has their say. I’m here to give a little joy and lightness”. Then, addressing the cast, he says: «Take criticism for better or for worse without getting offended».