Successor Edwin Evers caught during extreme traffic dispute

Tim Klijn, who will take over the morning show of Radio 538 with the former sidekicks of Edwin Evers in five days, has become involved in a very serious traffic dispute.

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Frustration, haste, aggression, violations and inattention in traffic: it has been causing fierce arguments in traffic for many years. “You have to be careful these days, because the fuse is on the short side,” says Tim Klijn, who will move from Radio Veronica to the coveted morning of Radio 538 in five days.

Aggressive Tim

Tim himself ended up in a very violent traffic dispute, he says in his radio show. “There was a man in front of me with a car that was half broken. He was braking all the time and every time I almost crashed into him. At one point I was able to pass, so I open my window and say: ‘What are you doing?!’ ‘Yes, my car is broken!’”

Incredible, says Tim. “I say: ‘Yes, but then you have to step aside, because this is dangerous. The people behind me don’t see that your car is broken.’ Apparently I had said that in a slightly too aggressive way, because his car suddenly started again and I see him driving very fast at me a kilometer away in my rearview mirror.

Driver’s Revenge

The bad luck driver was out for revenge. “He really hit me at the traffic light, pulls my door open and he was going to hit me. He changed his mind the moment he held me. He said: ‘You with your big lease car, it certainly always works!’”

He continues: “I got a whole cannonade of abuse over me. I said, ‘That’s not the point. It’s great that you drive such an old car, but it’s just dangerous what you’re doing.’”

Mirror off

Tim didn’t take a picture of the license plate. “No, but later I sometimes thought: if I see that car, I will kick its mirror off!”

Oops, that sounds pretty aggressive, just like he was yelling at that bad driver. Didn’t that aggressive approach just exacerbate the situation? After all, it provoked quite a chase.

It underlines once again that keeping calm is especially important in traffic…