Successful completion: 25 engineers complete their advanced studies in asphalt technology at the TH Lübeck

The first cohort started in February 2023 with 26 engineers from all over Germany who traveled to Schleswig-Holstein to begin their advanced studies in asphalt technology at the Lübeck University of Technology (TH). 25 engineers were now able to successfully complete the course and received a certificate from Prof. Holger Lorenzl at the TH Lübeck Construction Forum on February 15, 2024. As the best of the year, Gregor Hennerkes from Roxeler Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH finished with a very good grade.

The engineers from the 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 cohorts each complete four attendance phases under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Lorenzl at the construction department (laboratory for traffic infrastructure construction) at the TH Lübeck.

In various exercises, the engineers learn about building material testing, dimensioning, surface properties and project processing. In the lectures you will gain a deep insight into the technical regulations, building materials, initial testing and proof of suitability as well as into municipal road construction, environmental issues and the maintenance and renewal of asphalt. The speakers from science, societies and companies change from topic to topic.


The course is organized by the German Asphalt Association (DAV) eV In order to offer the course as close to home as possible, the location of the course changes every two years. The course is aimed at engineers in construction administrations, testing laboratories, construction companies and engineering offices as well as anyone who wants to acquire in-depth knowledge of asphalt technology.