Suat Taştan was sent off on his final journey with a ceremony held at Tüpraş Stadium.

A ceremony was held at Tüpraş Stadium for Beşiktaş Football Equity Scheme Administrative Manager and former football player Suat Taştan, who passed away the other day.

Suat Taştan, who served Beşiktaş as a football player for many years and was the administrative manager of the black-and-white team’s football academy, passed away the other day. A ceremony was held for Taştan at the clubhouse in Tüpraş Stadium. To the ceremony; Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi, Board Member Responsible for Procurement of Goods and Services and Development of Digital Projects İbrahim Kemal Barış Dillioğlu, Board Member Responsible for Amateur Branches and Süleyman Seba Facility Seyit Ateş, Board Member Responsible for Kartal Yuvası and Local Government Relations Umut Şenol, Chairman of the Selection and Registration Board Şahabettin Önkol, Beşiktaş Coach Rıza Çalımbay, Youth and Development Technical Officer Mehmet Ekşi, Beşiktaş Artaş Football Academy coaches and athletes, Bjk-Kabataş Foundation Chairman Hasan Anıl Cansızoğlu, former football players, club employees and the family of the deceased, Relatives and loved ones attended.


In his speech at the ceremony held for the late Suat Taştan, the president of the black-and-white club, Ahmet Nur Çebi, said, “Communities live with certain names and go away forever. I have known my teacher Suat Taştan for 11-12 years. He was a very naive, very polite person. He stopped working during every period of his illness.” “He was a good Beşiktaş member, a good athlete. It should be the duty of us living Beşiktaş people to be able to explain these people, who could be an example to our community, to the next generations after sending them off to eternity. I wish patience to his family and the Beşiktaş Community. May God have mercy on him,” he said.

The ceremony held for Suat Taştan at Tüpraş Stadium ended after the prayers were read. Taştan’s body was buried in Feriköy Cemetery after the noon prayer at Zincirlikuyu Mosque.