Student makes special discovery in boulder hump of Hunebedcentrum

An archeology student from Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Deventer recently made a special find at the Hunebed Center in Borger. On a mound of boulders meters high, he came across a thousands-year-old axe.

The archaeological surprise came into the hands of the student during an excursion to the Hunebed Center. There is a boulder lump in the so-called Prehistoric Park, which comes from a plot of land belonging to a potato farmer near the N34 in the village.

After harvesting the potatoes, the farmer brought the stones to the Hunebed Center years ago. “It is a rich archaeological area,” says director Harrie Wolters of the Hunebed Center. According to him, there was always the suspicion that ancient objects could lie between the stones of the boulder hump.

The ax is about 5,000 years old, says Wolters. “Thousands of people have already walked over the high hump, looking for beautiful boulders or pieces of flint. I am convinced that there is even more.”

The boulder hump was added to the Prehistoric Park a few years ago to show how rich the Drenthe soil is in boulders. They ended up here during the penultimate ice age.

Archaeologists from the Hunebed Center are further concerned about the axe. They will report the find to the appropriate authorities and conduct further investigation. The Hunebed Center then wants to include it in its collection.