Strong fighters Steur and Dronkers give Volendam little chance against AZ in De Kick-off

They are both over eighty. Former goalkeeper Jan Dronkers of Alkmaar ’54 and former FC Volendam player Ben Steur look ahead to AZ – FC Volendam tonight in the football talk show De Aftrap. Of course, the anecdotes are not far away. For example, Dronkers tells a tasty story about how the then Crown Prince Willem-Alexander tapped a pricey royal beer in his café in Den Helder.

In the 1960s, Dronkers defended the goal of Alkmaar ’54 (which later merged with FC Zaanstreek to form AZ’67) and subsequently also played goalkeeper for HFC Haarlem. The 82-year-old Dronkers regularly sits in the stands in Alkmaar at AZ. “For me there is no doubt that AZ will win.”

Sturgeon shares the opinion of his table companion. “Volendam has little to offer up front. I think they have too little quality as a whole and that the team is too young for the Premier League. I don’t see anyone steering this team.”

Complicated leg fracture

The almost 84-year-old Steur tells in the broadcast how a complicated leg fracture put an ugly end to his football career. Although the Volendammer recovered, he said he never became the same again. He retired at the age of 26 and later continued as a trainer for the youth and amateurs of Volendam. He worked there with many talented football players such as Pier Tol, Wim Jonk and Keje Molenaar.

After his active career, Dronkers earned his living in the catering industry and by guiding artists, including Boudewijn de Groot.

Crate Trap

In the Kratje Trap section, the third team of Alkmaarsche Boys attacks the first place of HSV Heiloo. If you would like to register your team for Kratje Trap, please send an email to [email protected].

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