‘Strange types on the floor’ at house where explosion took place

According to local residents, strange types came to the house on Johannes Vermeerstraat in Best, where an explosion took place on Thursday night. The explosion destroyed a window next to the front door of the house.

The explosion took place around half past five at night. What exactly exploded has not been disclosed. The residents were checked by ambulance personnel and no one appeared to be injured.

‘I sat up in bed’
Local residents spoke of a hard blow on Friday morning. “I sat upright in bed,” one of them said.

According to a neighbor, ‘normal, friendly people’ live in the house and there is ‘never any nuisance’. But others say that ‘strange types’ did come over. They don’t know what they came there to do.

The resident of the affected house does not want to comment on the explosion until she has spoken to investigators.

The police have cordoned off the area around the house with tape. The fire brigade checked the situation.


The explosion took place around half past five at night