Straight hair 2024, silk effect cuts and treatments

THE straight hair, or rather extra straight, is back in trend for spring 2024. The lengths become extra sleek, perfectly disciplined and nourished, structured in effect cuts aplombso much so that we talk about inspiration “Jappo Style”.

Hair, the trendy cuts of 2024. Here are all the inspirations to copy from the stars

Japanese style straight hair for spring 2024

“The Japanese style will be one of the strongest hair trends for 2024so much so that it totally inspired our spring-summer collection “Wabi Sabi”» begins to explain Eliana Savino, Marketing and Training Manager of Jean Paul Mynè.

«Among the most Japan Inspired hair looks we find “Hatsune”, a cut for naturally straight hair characterized by a slight asymmetry. The advantage of this look is given by the possibility of easily managing drying and above all of having maximum versatility for a look that can change depending on the occasions or moments of the day.

Yes to fringes, «to enhance the lines of the face, freeing the hair on the neck, both gathering it at the back but giving space for a sophisticated and glam solution».

From left, the smooth japs ​​of Annalisa, Sophie Turner, on the catwalk and on Vanessa Hudgens

«Must try for give greater volume and a textured effect at the foliage are the “layered” cuts perfect for lightening the hair without emptying the hair. Cutting “Shoganai” is the perfect example of this because thanks to one strong scaling gives even the thinnest and straightest hair natural movement.

Treatments to do in the salon for perfect straight hair

The best method to preserve the beauty of straight hair is to rely on personalized treatments. Jean Paul Mynè, for example, proposes various protocols to meet the needs of each hair.

«We start from a “molecular restoration” with Oxilock plasma, for a brittle and drained hair due to aggressive chemical treatments. The treatment Ocrys instead it is one regenerating ceremony not only for the hair but also for the skin and the soul: the perfect balance between aromatherapy, functional active ingredients and relaxing massages for a sensorial experience that takes care of the person” continues the expert.

How to maintain the silk effect (even at home).

To make “jap hair”, i.e. mirror-straight hair, last even at home, it is essential primarily implement one disciplining routine that manages to maintain the silk effect. As? «Starting from the use of one anti frizz shampoo and with a delicate cleansing and restructuring action. The result is plumped, healthy, shiny hair and perfectly sealed cuticles.”

«Finally, nWe can’t expect our hair to stay straight for long if it isn’t healthy at the base. It is therefore essential not to layer too many products, but choose the right ones to regulate the hair structure, like orvegetable li, pomegranate extract, Goji berries. Perfect for straight hair” concludes Eliana Savino.