STOXX trading STOXX 50 is trading around zero on Thursday afternoon

The STOXX 50 currently shows little change.

On Thursday, the STOXX 50 increased by 0.00 percent to 3,850.52 points at 12:09 p.m. via STOXX. The STOXX 50 went into trading 0.073 percent higher at 3,853.49 points, after 3,850.66 points the previous day.

The daily low of the STOXX 50 was 3,842.44 points, while the daily high was 3,862.18 points.

STOXX 50 development since the beginning of the year

Over the week, the STOXX 50 has already fallen by 1.93 percent. Just a month ago, on September 5th, 2023, the STOXX 50 had a level of 3,964.29 points. The STOXX 50 recorded a level of 3,963.82 points three months ago, on July 5th, 2023. A year ago, on October 5th, 2022, the STOXX 50 was at 3,426.27 points.

Since the beginning of 2023, the index has already climbed by 4.47 percent. This year, the annual high of the STOXX 50 is already 4,089.95 points. However, 3,658.90 points is the low for the year.

Current winners and losers in the STOXX 50

Among the strongest stocks in the STOXX 50 are currently Reckitt Benckiser (+ 1.78 percent to 58.46 GBP), Richemont (+ 1.40 percent to 112.00 CHF), BAT (+ 1.38 percent to 24.98 GBP), DHL Group (ex Deutsche Post) (+ 1.08 percent to 38.38 EUR) and RELX (+ 0.89 percent to 28.43 GBP). The weakest STOXX 50 stocks, however, include BP (-1.50 percent to 4.92 GBP), BASF (-1.28 percent to 41.32 EUR), UBS (-1.09 percent to 21.69 CHF) , Novartis (-0.87 percent to 86.84 CHF) and GSK (-0.83 percent to 14.75 GBP).

These STOXX 50 stocks have the highest market capitalization

In the STOXX 50, BP shares currently stand out with the largest trading volume. Most recently, 4,805,224 shares were traded via STOXX. The Novo Nordisk share accounts for the largest share of the STOXX 50, weighted by market capitalization, at EUR 375.185 billion.

Fundamental key figures of the STOXX 50 stocks at a glance

According to FactSet estimates, Mercedes-Benz Group (ex Daimler) shares have the lowest price-earnings ratio (P/E) in the STOXX 50 this year at 4.97. According to FactSet estimates, Glencore shares are expected to have the most attractive dividend yield of 10.12 percent in 2023 among the stocks in the index.

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