Storm Louis seemed to not be too bad, with a changeable weekend ahead

Storm Louis raged across the province last night, but the wind seemed to be better in the end. A lot of rain has fallen. The wind has now died down and the weekend is just around the corner. Will we stay dry on the last days of the holiday?

NH weatherman Jan Visser also thought the storm wasn’t too bad. “If we look at the regular wind last night, most places on the coast did not reach wind force 9.” There were some heavy gusts of wind at the beginning of the evening. “The outlier was on the dike from Enkhuizen to Lelystad at 114 kilometers per hour.”

What wasn’t easy, according to Visser, was the rain. More than 10 millimeters fell in many places in the province, while there had already been many cases previously. The wind has decreased later in the evening and overnight. “This morning there may still be strong winds on the coast from the south to southwest,” the weatherman says.

It remains changeable today with occasional showers and a chance of hail and thunder this afternoon. “It is also sunny from time to time and the wind continues to decrease in strength,” says Visser. It will be 8 degrees today.


The last days of the holidays have arrived. Will the weather be a little nicer this weekend? “Tomorrow some showers locally, also some sun now and then,” says Visser. “So that’s all still possible.” It will be about 7 degrees. “These are the lowest temperatures of this month. And then you are now around ‘normal’ for February.”

If you want to let off steam on the last day of your holiday, you can relax outside on Sunday. Sunday it will probably remain dry for most of the day, but cloudy with around 8 degrees.

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