Still no Sinterklaas poem? This AI will help you write another one quickly | Tech

It’s still a few hours before the prom night starts, so those who haven’t written a poem yet are sweating. But don’t worry: there is an artificial intelligence (AI) that lends a hand.

ChatGPT is the latest social media hit. In a chat screen you can ask the AI ​​to write something for you, after which the program pumps out amazingly accurate texts. The writing assignment can be anything: you can ask for a nice story, a piece of code for your website or even a complete poem.

The artificial intelligence uses so-called ‘machine learning‘. The software has read a huge amount of texts from the internet in order to learn how to write certain stories.

It makes ChatGPT a great tool for creating a Santa Claus poem. Because although the poem that this AI makes for you cannot immediately be used without making adjustments, it does turn out a good basis in no time that you can perfect yourself.

This is how you make a poem with ChatGPT

To use ChatGPT you need an account, which you create on the Open AI website. You can then log in to that same page to talk to the writing assistant.

The web app looks like a chat window. You can type a command to ChatGPT and the artificial intelligence will immediately produce a result. For example, if you type ‘write a nice story about two toddlers going on an adventure’, you will get the following result:

An example of ChatGPT. © Open AI

Writing a poem is just as simple, for example with the command ‘write a Sinterklaas poem’ or ‘write a poem’. If you don’t like the result, you can click ‘Try againclick to try again.

For a more personal poem, we would use a more specific command. Is the poem for a man who, for example, likes to sail his boat and play with his dog and guitar? Then ask something like ‘write a Sinterklaas poem about a man who likes to sail with his dog and also plays the guitar’. The more specific the command, the better the AI ​​knows what to write.

A poem by ChatGPT.

A poem by ChatGPT. © Open AI

Varying results with rhyme

Your poem may not be in rhyme. Sometimes this can be solved by asking ChatGPT to ‘write a poem in rhyme’, but our experiences vary. The AI ​​does not yet seem to understand Dutch rhyming words perfectly.

It is therefore possible that your AI-generated Sinterklaas poem still requires some aftercare. Go through it with one rhyming word site next to it to make it a full-fledged poem.

AI is making more and more creative things

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to make creative things. In addition to poems, we have been seeing for some time how computers, for example, create works of art that look suspiciously like human work. The smartphone app Lensa was recently a small hit, with which you can generate hundreds of profile photos based on your old selfies for a small amount.

It works extremely well, but also leads to concerns in some sectors. Illustrators, for example, fear that they will be hired less often because it is cheaper to let a computer do the work. The same could happen with the technology behind ChatGPT. If a computer can write an article in seconds and become good enough at it, it could replace the work of human writers.

Why is this free?

ChatGPT is completely free to use and also does not show any ads. With this, the makers do not seem to make money from everyone who uses it.

According to OpenAI, the software is mainly intended as an experiment. Anyone using it now is essentially a tester trying to get the most out of artificial intelligence in new ways. And the more that happens, the smarter the software becomes and the better the researchers understand it.