Steven Brunswijk sells party café in Boxtel: ‘Dream in tatters’

Steven Brunswijk’s dream has fallen apart. He is going to sell his party café Brabo’s in Boxtel again. It takes the comedian much more time than expected. “This was secretly a lot of time. It’s time to take a step back.”

It was a childhood dream: having your own party café. In May 2022, Brunswijk opened its own Café Brabo’s, on the Boxtel market. But now it’s for sale. “Joking is in my blood. So if I have to choose, I will always go for the stage. I have always dreamed of a party café, but in practice it turned out differently than hoped.”

And that is a bitter pill for the Tilburg citizen. “Other people told me I should be proud, but it felt like failure. You can’t turn everything into gold.”

“At least I tried.”

At the opening of his party café, he thought a lot about his mother, who has now passed away. “She came to the Netherlands to make sure I have a good time. I wanted to prove myself to her. As long as she agrees, I thought.”

But secretly Brunswijk knows that his mother is proud of him. “Especially when a customer told me during carnival that I could be proud, it really dawned on me. At least I tried.”

The café will remain open until it is sold.


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