In the podcast, Steven is presented with a dilemma. Or every night at Today Inside sit at the table, or never go to the theater again. “What a dilemma”, responds Steven. Today Inside, I don’t want to queue there anymore. I don’t want to anymore, but the theater is so fantastic. The theater is a passion. If something is a passion, you keep it up for a long time. If I had to, I’d rather opt for that. I can’t give up the theater, it’s so magical.”

    Previously, the men of Today Inside It is already clear that Steven is no longer welcome in their program. The comedian was a guest in the broadcast in which Derksen’s infamous candle riot was discussed. “Then I drove home in the evening and I thought: never this again. Sitting next to Steven Brunswijk, I thought that was a low point,” said René at the beginning of June.