Sterling Skye Mahomes in wonder – Patrick Mahomes celebrated with his daughter

Patrick Mahomes celebrated the Super Bowl victory with his daughter.

Patrick Mahomes celebrated the championship with his daughter. PDO

Two years from now Sterling Skye Mahomes stole the spotlight at the Kansas City Chiefs’ championship celebration. The little pacifier got her daddy, the superstar by Patrick Mahomes into the arms shortly after the Super Bowl ended in favor of the Chiefs 38–35.

Photographers captured the tender moment as Sterling Skye watched the commotion around her with a small stuffed toy in her hand.

Mahomes and his spouse On Brittany Mahomes there is also another child, a boy only ten weeks old Patrick “Bronze” Lavon.

Mahomes was probably the most watched player in the Super Bowl. Small question marks hovered around the man due to an ankle injury, but he still managed to lead his team to the championship. Mahomes was eventually named the game’s most valuable player.

The championship was the second of the 27-year-old playmaker’s career. The first championship came in 2020. Mahomes was also chosen as the MVP of the Super Bowl at that time.

The little girl had enough to wonder about. PDO

Mahomes’ wife Brittany (left) was also present at the championship celebration. PDO