Stefano Keizers surprises René van der Gijp with his strange behavior in the talk show Op1. There he decided the day before yesterday to stand during his interview. “Because everyone is always sitting.”

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    It is abundantly clear that Stefano Keizers simply thought up such an action in advance, but René van der Gijp does not understand what is funny about it. He doesn’t like the comedian at all. “I always look at that boy with increasing amazement,” said the football analyst in his program Inside today.


    Stefano always behaves very strangely, but many people think it’s an act. Or is he perhaps a danger to society? “I believe it: he is harmless, I think. It’s not a dangerous boy. He is harmless, but I don’t understand it at all,” says René.

    He continues: “I don’t understand his humour, I don’t understand his manner, I don’t understand it at all and every time he is invited. Then I look at that boy with increasing amazement.”


    It’s all ‘very confusing’, says René. And colleague Johan Derksen: “It must be very alternative.”

    René: “Yes, it is art, I think, or something.”

    Johan: “What are you going to do with a boy like that at the table?”

    René: “I have no idea, really.”

    Awkward Charles

    The presentation duo of Op1, Charles Groenhuijsen and Carrie ten Napel, reacted very uncomfortable. Johan can enjoy that. “Fortunately, that is a presenter who looks down on us with disdain.”

    René: “Yes, and there is now a strange guy next to him.”

    Table guest Job Knoester: “This was very bizarre television. This looks like Jiskefet I’m watching.”


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