Stefan Therman is charged with drunk driving

A businessman known to the public is accused of a crime.

Stefan Therman in 2019. PDO

Businessman Stefan Therman is accused of drunk driving. The matter will be confirmed to Iltalehti from the District Court of Helsinki. The matter is recent, so there is no more information about the case for the time being.

Therman once became public as a partner of wellness coach Martina Aitolehti. The two have one child together. Since then, he has also dated media personality Sofia Belórf.

Belórf and Therman parted ways in May 2022 under stormy circumstances. The two lived in cohabitation for a few years.

– The goods flew out of the window a bit, personal injuries have been spared, Belórf told Iltalehte in June.

Belórf and Therman’s life together was followed during their relationship in Belórf’s own reality show Sofia’s secrets.

Sofia Belórf tells Iltalehte what she will hear in June 2022.