Stefan Kuntz spoke before the Germany-Türkiye match! – Last minute National Football Team news

Stefan Kuntz, who coached the National Team before Vincenzo Montella, said that although he was invited to the match against Germany on Saturday, he would not go and would watch the match at home.

Kuntz’s views on the match are as follows:

My nationality has not changed because I work in Turkey. It’s obvious that I’m German. My job is easy in this match. Since it is a friendly match, there is no conflict of conscience.

Even though I was invited to the match, I did not want to watch it live. I will watch it in peace at home. Then I don’t need to hide my feelings. There is no infrastructure or system like ours in Turkey. However, social progress is possible through football. There is a great emotional attachment to the flag and the country. This is a great motivation. Also, the talent pool is really big.