Stefan Effenberg causes laughter with his lace in the “double pass”

There was a lot of discussion again in the “double pass” on Sunday. In an illustrious group, Stefan Effenberg also caused laughter.

FC Bayern came up trumps with their spectacular 8-1 win against 1. FSV Mainz on Saturday. In addition to striker Harry Kane, the German national players Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Müller also knew how to impress. With a view to the upcoming home European Championship, the appearance was an important signal to football in Germany.

Bayern’s confident performance also played a big role in the football talk “Doppelpass” on Sport1 on Sunday morning. Goretzka in particular stood out with his two goals and two assists. In his post-match interview, the midfielder spoke about his role in the German national team under Julian Nagelsmann.

The national coach will only announce his squad nomination for the upcoming international matches on Thursday. Goretzka, who is in great competition with Toni Kroos, İlkay Gündoğan or Robert Andrich in midfield, spoke about the fact that he had to see how he was used by Nagelsmann and how he could help the team: “In the end, I’ll play where he wants me coach,” said Goretzka.

These statements prompted t-online columnist and “Dopa” expert Stefan Effenberg to speak into the camera and call out Goretzka for this phrase. “Dear Leon,” he said before getting up and paying three euros into the phrase pig for the national player.

Funny scene causes laughter

The fun atmosphere continued afterwards. “Dopa” presenter Florian König said about Goretzka: “I think this nomination will be a pointer. You can’t say in March, I’ll nominate him and then look again in July. We’ll be able to glean a lot from that , right? Do we agree on that?” Effenberg intervened and said provocatively: “You believe it, but you’re right. You said: ‘I believe.'”

And he followed up: “A moderator should know.” Laughter then broke out in the group with Alexander Wehrle, Waldemar Hartmann, Toni Tomic and Thomas Wagner. König corrected Effenberg and teased: “An expert must know. An expert must know.”

FC Bayern’s victory and Goretzka’s personality then led to the question: How important are the Bayern players in the national team? Stuttgart’s CEO Wehrle took up the question and answered: “If you look back, they were always important because they formed a basic structure in the national team. FC Bayern is an important support.”

Veteran Thomas Müller, who has recently been under FCB coach Thomas Tuchel again, could also become indispensable for the DFB team. “If he continues to play like this, yes. He is very important as a personality, as an experienced player and also in the dressing room,” continued Wehrle.

Sports presenter Wagner chimed in and reminded: “The truth is that Goretzka, Kimmich and Müller were there at the last three tournaments, where it ended in sporting disaster for Germany. It’s not the case that Bayern are in every game players have gone ahead.” When moderator König threw Aleksandar Pavlović into the group, opinions differed greatly.

Bayern’s sporting director Christoph Freund said on the microphone: “I think Julian is watching our games and watching very closely. I’m a fan of Aleks myself and I really enjoy watching him develop. With which “He dominates the pitch, at 19 years of age, with a naturalness – that’s impressive. I think there’s no way around Aleks if the German national team wants to reach the final.”